Electro-System Co., Ltd. (Japan) is a leading company familiar with system design regarding overall electronics.

TEL. +81-3-3948-7670

Sakuradai Nerima-ku Tokyo, Japan

Our company, Electro-System, is thoroughly familiar with system design of overall electronics.

If you have to make an electric system for evaluation as soon as possible ...
But there is no human resource and time ...
And it is troublesome to write a specification document as well ...
How to design a firmware in spite of no knowledge ???
Transmisson analysis may be required due to DDR2 on the board.
Is there any reliable company which can be asked all of them ???

In such case please get in touch with us without hesitating.
Our expart engineers can understand your demand to be realized precisely and kindly help you from circuit design to machine delivery.
Please make use of our proposals or skills which have been acquired by our experiences and achievements for a long time for your works.


  • Freeware "esCAD sch", circuit diagram creation tool, is now providing. Combining with "esCAD pcb", PCB pattern design tool can make your work efficiency to be improved more. Please refer to the right link site for more detail.
  • "esCAD pcb", PCB pattern design tool (pattern design and library creation), can be downloaded as free of charge at present. Please refer to the right link site for more detail.
  • "esCAD Kaizen Master", PCB mounting assist tool, is now on sale. Please refer to the right link site for more detail.

NEWSUpdated Information

This site has been updated.
Japanese government has chosen our company's project, "Development and Sales of PCB CAD" for payment as one of Japanese supplementary budget.

Electro-System Co., Ltd.

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TEL +81-3-3948-7670

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